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The New And Improved: Bigger Better Newer Faster Greener Sexier Tanner?

Monday, December 14th, 2009

wearehereWe are new to blogging but not new to shopping.  Over the years we learned, fought, cried, and then cried some more over all the great savings we have come by.  This blog is a way of passing the savings knowledge on to you!  This site may look ugly but it was freeee and it serves our purpose.  It is still under construction so pardon the mess.  It may take a wee longer to get together as 50% of the time is spent working on this site and the other 50% is shopping!  If you have any shopping tips or secrets you wish to share please feel free to email them in and we will post it with full credit to you.  If we are not covering a sale, shop, or business then email us the info, if we can find it, we will blog about it.  Some restrictions apply void where prohibited.  I am not sure if the last sentence helps in any way but I see it posted a lot and it sounds all legal mumbo-jumboish and we like that! 468060-Topflow