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2010 Back To School Tax Free Weekend

Friday, August 6th, 2010

From pencils to computers it is time for you to get your kids ready for school and why not do it this weekend during the Sales Tax Holiday. Many States have adopted this new Holiday to help boost sales and help families with those big school purchases.

Make sure to get all your local ads together with current sales and no tax you can walk away saving a huge chunk of change. Many retailers such as Office Depot and Walgreens are emailing consumers with sneak peak ads and coupons to get you shopping with them. Office Depot has $10 off your order of $50 or more just sign up for emails to receive. In addition Office Depot is giving away a Free backpack when you spend $10! Walgreens currently has 24 pack of Crayons on sale for $1.00 and after your purchase you get a $1.00 Register Reward good towards your next purchase. In addition gives you $10 credit good towards your next purchase when you spend $25 or more.

Besides School Supplies the Tax Free Holiday is good towards cloth purchases too! JC Penney has on their site a printable coupon good for $10.00 off $50 or more or $15 off $75 or more. Kohls is currently giving out $10 in Kohls Cash good towards future purchases when you spend $50 or more.

Did you know you can even buy Diapers! Toys R Us has a very nice list of all the things that qualify which includes Diapers in some states. In addition when you by 2 Cases of Huggies diapers you get a $10 gift card good towards your next purchase. Just make sure to head over to and print out those Diaper coupons for an even bigger savings.

Currently you can get Huggies Diapers, BIC Stationary, and even Fruit of Loom coupons at Simply print, shop, save, and pay no taxes! Some cities have opted out of this holiday so you may pay a city tax just go to and search for a list of which cities have opted out. Also make sure to print up the list of what does qualify and the qualifying purchase amount as it varies by state so make sure to know before you go.

Wanna Get Free Complete Multi-Purpose Solution?

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Deal of the week! Free contact solution:

Every week Walgreens offer consumers register rewards which are Catalina coupons that print up after purchasing select qualifying items. This week Walgreens has Complete Multi-Purpose Solution on sale for $7.99 in addition after paying you get a register rewards for the amount of $8.00 so you roughly are paying tax for a complete bottle of contact solution.

Want to save more? Okay! Just hope over to the Complete Comfort website for a $2.00 off coupon! So after the discount, coupon, and register reward you are making $2.00 for each bottle purchased. If you tend to forget to spend your register rewards then we and the coupon gurus of the world scoff in your general direction and ask, Why are you here?

Did we mention you get a FREE contact case inside each box of contact solution?

*note* We did print up the coupon and it does not scan well but all the Walgreens we visited did honor it*
*do not use register rewards received from one bottle to buy another bottle hoping to get another register reward, Walgreens systems are set up to prevent coupon looping*

The Hunt For Despicable Me Toys!

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Despicable Me with it’s kool .Me domain was released July 9 2010 and was a huge hit and is still going strong. Leaving the theater the movie had everyone saying “I want my own MINION!” and like many you might have searched store after store but what you and many others found out is that they are not selling at your typical Toys R Us or Walmart… so where are they? After all what is the most important for a Movie after ticket sales? MERCHANDISING! So where are the minion! We managed to find Minion Costumes, Minion party favors, and even Minions at IHOP (International House of Pancakes). One would expect to find a Despicable Me The Flame Thrower! So with all the millions to be made through merchandising where all those cute plush one eyed minions? Where are the fast food kid Despicable Me toys?! Why aren’t all the major retailors stocking any Despicable Me toy merchandise to feed the masses of must have more stuff shoppers of the world? It is despicable I tell you!

It seems someone in the Despicable Me marketing department forgot to read movie merchandising 101, becauce currently those cute Minions can only be found on a few select websites and those despicable quarter eating crane games. We came across such a crane game in a local mall and after many 50 cent attempts we left with no Minion… The crane was just not opening all the way… So if your on the hunt for a Minion, one of those little girls, an adorable unicorn, or even that kitten book then look no further. You can either go on a hunt for a crane game to rip you off slowly quarter after quarter or you can purchase them on Amazon. We found them Minions and all with links posted right here! Granted they will cost more than 50 cents but if you MUST have one because you have a kid shouting for a Minion like it was their Golden Egg Laying Goose then cough up the dough Mommy and Daddy! The prices range from $7.00 up to $60.00! After all we are INSANESHOPPERS right?! If you do happen to come across a crane game with Minions and manage to snatch up a few then you got your self a small sought after fortune there! Make sure to send us one!

Q: Where can I find a Despicable Me Plushie?
Q: Where can I find a Despicable Me Minion?
Q: Where can I find a Despicable Me Toy?
Q: Where can I find a Despciable Me Unicorn?
Q: Where is one eyed Minion?
Q: Where can you by a Minion?
Q: Where do you by a Minion Toy?
A: Here!

1st of the Month Don’t Forget Your Cookies!

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Monday! FREE Nabisco Cookie Day!

Its the 1st Monday of August and that means you need to rush down to Facebook and slap that “like” link to get your printable coupon for cookies!

Print, enjoy, and see you next month! 468060-Topflow