About Us

We are new to blogging but not new to shopping.  Over the years we learned, fought, cried, and then cried some more over all the great savings we have come by.  This blog is a way of passing the savings knowledge on to you!  This site may look ugly but it was freeee and it serves our purpose.  It is still under construction so pardon the mess.  It may take a wee longer to get together as 50% of the time is spent working on this site and the other 50% is shopping!  If you have any shopping tips or secrets you wish to share please feel free to email them in and we will post it with full credit to you.  If we are not covering a sale, shop, or business then email us the info, if we can find it, we will blog about it.  Some restrictions apply void where prohibited.  I am not sure if the last sentence helps in any way but I see it posted a lot and it sounds all legal mumbo-jumboish and we like that!

Shopaholic-Jen:  She searches high and low for the latest and greatest deals.  There is so much to post as deal come in all day every day.  Jen is a women on a mission of saving you money and blogging about it.

Savvy-Weezer: Is also on the hunt for those savvy savings

Manic-Megs: She is Jen’s 16 year old daughter who one day wishes to become a graphic artist.  She spends all day drawing Anime and graphics and charging her Mom $10.00 for each image she creates for the site.  Talk about a racket!  She uses PSP, PS, Coral, and whatever else she can get her hands on.  Perhaps if she is nice we will put a link to her site so people can see more of her work and charge her for ad impressions…

Crazy-Adam: He makes sure all the background website stuff is working

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