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FREE Tickets Alert: Movie Night 2 for 1 Special

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

Here are two ways for you to get 2 movie tickets for the price of 1 from Fandango:
1.From Fandango: On Fridays, get 2 for 1 movie tickets when you use your Visa Signature card.

2. Head down and check out today’s LivingSocial Deal and nab up the daily deal giving you 2 tickets for the price of 1!

Cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion • Not valid on IMAX or 3D showings • Promo Code is good for 2 tickets, for up to $13 in value per ticket ($26 total value) including Fandango’s convenience fee • Both tickets must be purchased for the same movie and show time in a single transaction.

Fandango - Movie Tickets Online

FREE Icee @ AMC Theatres Last Day For A FREE 20oz Sample

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Today is the last day to get a FREE Icee 20oz Sample at participating AMC Theatres. Simply click here to get to AMC Facebook and simply “like” them to bring up the printable coupon. This coupon will be valid today only October 7th 2011.

While your visiting AMC why not save on your tickets by buying them ahead of time at Fandago! Get free Fandango movie tickets when you try a special offer or
Say trick or treat with Fandango Bucks. Good for any movie available for ticketing on
Use your AMC Stubs number during checkout & have the service charge waived for AMC theaters available for ticketing on

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20% Off $25 in Movie Tickets

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Get 20% off $25 in movie tickets when you use your Visa Signature card. Offer good now till 8/31/11
Plus use your AMC Stubs number during checkout & have the service charge waived for AMC theaters available for ticketing on

Go Fandango!

FREE Movie Ticket From Pizza Hut

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

We at love going to the movies and what we love more is going for FREE. Lets face it the movies are not cheap these days and with the new 3D up charges and concession food costing what it does we must find a way to save! Pizza hut is offering a FREE movie ticket when you spend just $25. Today is the last day to get in on this deal so feed your face and then go to the movies for FREE

Click Here to get in on this dea

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Tron 3D on an IMAX Plus Food & Drinks $10

Friday, December 31st, 2010

How got to see Tron 3D Imax ticket plus food & drinks for just $10 on New Years Eve

Bring in the New Year style! Back in Feb we posted “Let General Mills Treat You To The Movies” We finally cashed in our General Mills movie cash codes for Free movie tickets and then we all went and saw Tron 3D on a huge IMAX screen. Since the Free movie tickets took off a max of $12 per ticket we saved as each ticket was $16 since it was IMax 3D. We ended up only paying roughly $4 bucks per ticket. With tickets in hand we headed for the concession stand and again from our previous post “Movie Night FREE From Kellogg’s Cereals” we used our movie codes for $5 FREE concession food & drinks. With a ticket and now a drink and small popcorn our total went from $4 to just over $10. Not a bad start to the New Year. The movie we give 5 Coupon Clipper Stars out of 5! Yes it was that good!

After a great time at the Movies watching Tron in 3D IMax hit Outback Steak House with our $100 giftcard
plus Free bonus $20. Loading up on a lot of good food and good
times! We hope you have enjoyed all our posts this year and we have saved some of you other insaneshoppers some money. We hope you enjoyed our 2010 posts and continue to come back in 2011 for more posts and savings!


Here is Manic Megs our wonderful Graphic Artist who does all our cute banner images

Seattles Daily Groupon Movie Tickets Anyone Can Use

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Today only use Groupon for your great local deals and a must have deal in Seattle. Just use the city search on Groupon for Seattle and you will see for just $30 you can get 6 movie tickets. These are premium movie tickets, which means they’re good for IMAX, first runs, etc. Upon purchasing today’s Groupon, you will have 45 days to claim the tickets at, after which you will have (more…)

The Hunt For Despicable Me Toys!

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Despicable Me with it’s kool .Me domain was released July 9 2010 and was a huge hit and is still going strong. Leaving the theater the movie had everyone saying “I want my own MINION!” and like many you might have searched store after store but what you and many others found out is that they are not selling at your typical Toys R Us or Walmart… so where are they? After all what is the most important for a Movie after ticket sales? MERCHANDISING! So where are the minion! We managed to find Minion Costumes, Minion party favors, and even Minions at IHOP (International House of Pancakes). One would expect to find a Despicable Me The Flame Thrower! So with all the millions to be made through merchandising where all those cute plush one eyed minions? Where are the fast food kid Despicable Me toys?! Why aren’t all the major retailors stocking any Despicable Me toy merchandise to feed the masses of must have more stuff shoppers of the world? It is despicable I tell you!

It seems someone in the Despicable Me marketing department forgot to read movie merchandising 101, becauce currently those cute Minions can only be found on a few select websites and those despicable quarter eating crane games. We came across such a crane game in a local mall and after many 50 cent attempts we left with no Minion… The crane was just not opening all the way… So if your on the hunt for a Minion, one of those little girls, an adorable unicorn, or even that kitten book then look no further. You can either go on a hunt for a crane game to rip you off slowly quarter after quarter or you can purchase them on Amazon. We found them Minions and all with links posted right here! Granted they will cost more than 50 cents but if you MUST have one because you have a kid shouting for a Minion like it was their Golden Egg Laying Goose then cough up the dough Mommy and Daddy! The prices range from $7.00 up to $60.00! After all we are INSANESHOPPERS right?! If you do happen to come across a crane game with Minions and manage to snatch up a few then you got your self a small sought after fortune there! Make sure to send us one!

Q: Where can I find a Despicable Me Plushie?
Q: Where can I find a Despicable Me Minion?
Q: Where can I find a Despicable Me Toy?
Q: Where can I find a Despciable Me Unicorn?
Q: Where is one eyed Minion?
Q: Where can you by a Minion?
Q: Where do you by a Minion Toy?
A: Here!

Let General Mills Treat You to The Movies

Friday, February 5th, 2010

This month on select boxes of General Mills cereal are codes that when entered at General Mills Movie Cash produces a printable voucher for a free movie . You need to buy two boxes of cereal as you need two codes to redeem for each movie voucher. The vouchers are good for tickets up to $12.00 and with the cost of movies especially those 3D movies these vouchers can save you big! The vouchers are only accepted at participating theaters but the site has a zip code finder to locate theaters close to you that do accept the vouchers. Once you use the codes you can print the vouchers or email them to print later (within 72 hours of email). Once the vouchers are printed you have 60 days to use them. So nab up your General Mills Cereal coupons and buy buy buy away. Make sure to take along Coco Puffs or Trix to mix with the popcorn! 468060-Topflow